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  Application to be represented on "gallery4you"


Your application is without commitment!


  1. Have a look at the price list and decide which gallery is the right one for you.  [Price list]
  2. Fill out the application form to inform me about your requirements.
    (monolingual or bilingual, number of units (text and images) background kombination etc.)
  3. You receive an estimate from me.


  4. You place the order to construct your gallery.
  5. I them inform you about the amount that you have to pay using PayPal or another form of bank transfer.
  6. You will be informed by e-mail about the completion, I will upload your gallery to the server for viewing, you can inform me if it is to your satisfaction or if you request possible changes. When your  payment has been credited to my account your gallery will be opened and online.
    Please fill out the form completely, otherwise it will not work!
    [Application form]

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